Who We Are @ PetHairGuard?

Last updated on May 24th, 2019 at 10:59 am

Hey Buddy!

I’m Marcus Perony, founder and chief editor of PetHairGuard.Com.

I’ve been born and raised in the California. Me and Choco (My Labrador Retriver) were raised together, he was gifted to me by my dad on the day I born on this crazy planet called earth.

Unfortunately, we lost him 5 years back, and since then I’m sharing my home and heart with Oreo and Dizzy both are Labrador retrievers.

Being raised with pets, I’m pretty much familiar with the issues people face in raising them. And, so I thought to help people in tackling their issue and started this blog for sharing information that could help them get settled with their pets.
Major issue we face is their natural way of shedding hair.

Who We Are @ PetHairGuard? 1

Yeah, if you’re having a dog or cat for a while then you might have came across their hairs all over your home. Sometimes on furniture and sometimes on the couch, even on the food plates we use for our lunch or dinner.

While I was a child my mom used several home remedies to control its drawback but with time choco’s hair shedding increased and it was becoming a major issue. So, we were required to adapt something that could help us tackle it at maximum extent and we found several solutions as well.

Yeah, on this blog I’ve shared those tips, tricks and guides to follow in order to give a tough fight to hairs of your pet.

Also, we’re group of several people with pets and we share some experience with each other. We share our experiments with the various tools we use in our daily life to tackle our pet’s hair fall issue.

Any content shared on this blog pass through a dedicated review process, which is something like following.

For Information & Resource Content Curation :-

  • We curate the problem faced by people having pets in their home.
  • After that, We approach to the people who’re facing the same problems.
  • We ask them, what they are doing to tackle the issue.
  • Our content curation team note down the ways to tackle the issues by as large as possible audience base.
  • Then, Our expert writer team, including me craft a piece of content based on the facts noted by our curation team.
  • Our editor’s team proofread everything that’s being written on paper.
  • We further reach out to people and share others opinion and take their advice about whether it is a good idea or not?
  • If all goes good and we get positive response in majority then we share it with fellow pet owners.

Also, while crafting any product review, we follow a dedicated process which is something like following.

Product Review Process :-

  • We conduct a survey focusing on tools and appliances used by people to fight with their pet’s hair shedding problem.
  • Based on the results, we decide products that are used by majority of people.
  • We collect all tidbits of each product and reach out to the person using that particular product and confirm the facts.
  • Then, We collect their experience using the product meanwhile.
  • We craft a piece of properly curated and well researched review article.
  • We publish it on our blog and share it among user facing confusion in selection of a particularly suitable product.

So, these is all buddy!

If you’ve any concern or query then feel free to reach out to us using our contact form.

Also, share a word about us with fellow pet owners!

Thanks for visiting our site. ?

Heartfully Yours,

Marcus Perony.