Can You Vacuum Your Dog? – Everything Your Need To Know About!

A lot of dog parents are asking that “Can you vacuum your dog ?”. Dogs are friendly pets that are part of the family of many households.

However, having dogs as pets comes with the responsibility of dealing with shed hair from dogs in the house. Vacuuming of dogs is safe and achievable if the right tools are employed.

If you have wondered how dog vacuuming is done, this article is the right piece to read. Patiently read this piece to find answers to your questions about dog vacuuming. Vacuuming of dogs is a new trend. It is an alternative to vacuuming a hundred of places when you can as well vacuum your shedding dog.

Vacuuming your dog saves you time and stress of cleaning the whole environment where your dog is often found playing.

Although there are special pet vacuum cleaners designed to take care of pet hair on the hardwood floor and upholstery, there is a better option of taking care of fur from the coat of your dog before the environment is littered with pet hair.

Can You Vacuum Your Dog? – A Definitive Guide

Can I Vacuum A Dog?

Well, answer is a bit diplomatic. Yeah, It’s Mix of both YES & NO. Because, it all depends on how you could do it. Also, if you’re vacuuming your dogs you need to take several measures in consideration before doing so.

So, what we think is, you should not directly ask whether you should vacuum your dog or not? Instead, finding right way to How to vacuum a dog? Will, give you a better insight. So, let’s get started with things you need to know before vacuuming your dog especially if its shedding excessively.

What You Need to Vacuum Your dog

Vacuuming is a simple practice if you learn the best way to go about it. Although some dogs are scared of vacuum cleaners, if you have been parenting your dog for a while, you should know how to deal with fears of your dog for vacuums. Helping your dog to ease the fear of vacuums will surely make your dog vacuuming a stress-free experience. The following are needed to vacuum your dog with ease:

  • A quiet vacuum cleaner:


    Use Quiet Vacuum For Your Dogs
    It is not uncommon for vacuums to make noise when they are in use. But, one can still get a vacuum that is relatively quiet in the market. Modern technology pet hair vacuums can operate with minimal noise. A quiet vacuum will be ideal to vacuum your dog since dogs are sensitive to sounds. Your dog may be irritated with an unnecessary loud vacuum cleaner.

  • Purchase useful pet hair vacuum attachments:

    To make the vacuuming of your dog stress-free, you need to get special pet hair attachments for the vacuuming process. Pet hair attachments are tools designed to remove shed fur from the coat of pets.

    Check this video to know How you could convert a vacuum into a pet grooming brush for your pet.

    You should be careful not to use attachments that came with your vacuum cleaner if they are not well-suited to vacuum your dog. To achieve the desired result, go for pet hair attachments that are compatible with your vacuum cleaner, which will also be harmless to your dog. Pet hair attachments are available in local pet shops and online stores.

  • Read the guide on how to use pet hair attachment:

    Pet hair attachment for removing loose hair from dogs often come with instruction on how to use them. Ensure you pay attention to instruction so that your dog will not be harmed with pet hair attachment. Yeah, it’s just an awesome way to control your pet’s shedding but you should know, how to do it.

The following tips are useful in vacuuming your dog:

  • Get your dog used to the vacuum cleaner:

    This is the first thing you must help your dog learn about the vacuum. Your dog should see the vacuum cleaner as completely harmless.

    This is important for safe vacuuming of your dog. There are several ways to achieve this. You can start by making your dog play, examine, and sniff the cleaning robot when it is not working.

    Check out this video for a detailed training instructions.

    Also, start exposing your dog to the vacuum cleaner when it is on. It will help your dog familiarize with the sound produced and the smell of the vacuum cleaner. All these steps can be avoided if your dog is not scared of your vacuum cleaner.

  • Use attachments on the dog when unplugged:

    You can start by using pet tool attachments on your dog when they are unplugged from the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the type of the tools you bought, brush the body of your dog using the tools often until your dog have a good feeling of pet hair tools.

  • Fix your pet hair grooming attachments:

    Ensure that the attachment needed to remove the loose fur from the body of your dog has been fixed before you call your dog over.

  • Place a treat near the vacuum cleaner:

    A treat could be what you need to encourage your dog. Place a treat near the vacuum cleaner to reward your dog after a brave moment with the vacuum cleaner. Always praise your dog whenever it shows confidence and an act of bravery in vacuuming.

    Process Of Vacuuming A Dog

    • Once the above points are settled, you should call your dog to start the process.
    • Make your dog lie on the floor or sit down. Ensure that the body of your dog is dry before this process.
    • Start from the back and run the attachment over the body of your dog. Do a to and fro motion on the back of your dog to the tail area. Ensure you don’t pull healthy hair strands from the body of your dog by lifting the vacuum in harmony with the grain.
    • Take a break for a few seconds to help your dog.
    • Avoid bringing the vacuum in contact with sensitive parts of your dog, such as the face and genitals.
    • Ensure you gather all loose fur collected into the vacuum canister by pressing the button on the attachment if it is available.
    • Run the attachment over the dog’s leg when standing or in the sitting position. Do this over each leg and down to the shoulder. Hold the collar of your dog if it has one to keep it stable.
    • Now, run the attachment from the neck to the stomach area in the sleeping position. This can be repeated until you have removed all loose hairs from your dog.
    • After these processes, you have successfully removed loose hair from your dog by vacuuming your dog.

Other Things You Have to Know in Vacuuming Your Dog

  • Not all vacuums in the market are well-suited for dog vacuuming in terms of suction force. High suction vacuums can pull healthy hairs from your dog. To be safe, ensure you get a vacuum with moderate suction and take care while vacuuming your dog.
  • Vacuum your dog in a safe and quiet place. Your dog feels more secure if you vacuum it in a place it often plays.
  • Keep the doors of the place open.
  • Take note of the expressions of your dog while vacuuming. It will help you detect if it gets hurt accidentally or needs a little time for a break.

Why Vacuum Your Dog Instead of Cleaning Loose Hair from the Floor?

  • It is more convenient to do.
  • You save more time.
  • It is a safe activity for you and your dog.
  • It is effective if you use the right tools compared to cleaning the floor.


Dog vacuuming is becoming popular among dog owners. This method of cleaning loose hair from dogs is easy for dog owners and safe for dogs as well. As a dog owner, you only need to learn the right procedures to vacuum loose hairs from your dog. Once you start vacuuming your dog as a routine, a dog vacuuming session becomes fun for you and your dog.

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