Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Review – An Encounter For Pet Owners

Being able to maintain a clean home is not always easy, especially when you have a hairy pet that sheds hair all around your carpet and floor.

However, you can breathe some sigh of relief if you get yourself a vacuum cleaner. It will enable you to clean pet hair from your home while expending only little energy.

So, here is the Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Review. This Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B can ease your cleaning task.

Moreover, The reason is that it is specially designed to effectively and efficiently remove pet hair from carpet and floors. While being used, the swivel steering and automatic floor height adjustment makes handling and cleaning easy.

Also, The vacuum has powerful suction, superb filtration system, and cost-effective maintenance. If you really need a stress-free vacuum you can use to tackle pet hair problems, this vacuum may be the right option.

Review Of Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Pet Vacuum

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Review

Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer : Dirt Devil
  • Model Number :UD70355B
  • Dimensions : 13 x 11.8 x 31.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 12 pounds
  • Shipping Weight : 7 pounds
  • Suction Power : powerful no-loss suction
  • Cord Length : 25 feet
  • Hose Length : 5 feet
  • Swivel Head : Yes
  • Battery : No battery
  • Cleaning Path Width : 12 inches
  • Cleaning Reach : 10 feet
  • Dirt Cup Capacity : 5 L
  • Surface : Multi-surface
  • Warranty : 1 year

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Features of Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Pet Vacuum

  • Swivel Steering Head: 

    One feature that makes the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum a suitable match for pet hair deposited in corners and around furniture is the swivel steering head.

    Swivel Steering - Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Review

    Also, The swivel steering can make a full 180-degree movement, making it one of the most flexible vacuum to use for cleaning your home.

  • Automatic Floor Height Adjustment:

    Having a Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum comes with great convenience when using it because of the presence of the automatic floor height-adjustment feature. So, irrespective of the height of the floor, you will be able to use the vacuum to clean pet hair and expect almost the same efficiency because of the height of the vacuum.

  • Quick and Easy Reach: 

    You can be guaranteed of a quick and easy reach when you use the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum. With the removable extension wand that comes with this upright vacuum, you can achieve an extra 10-feet cleaning reach.

    Instnt Cleaning Wand - Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Review

    Yeah, That means that you can power through pet hair and dirt in high and low places. The extension wand pops easily back into the vacuum when you are done.

  • Powerful Extra Accessories: 

    To achieve all-round cleaning and removal of pet hair from surfaces in your home, you will need some extra tools or accessories. Luckily, Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum comes with few tools that you can use to achieve total and thorough cleaning of pet hair in your home. These tools ensure that you achieve and efficient cleaning.

  • TurboClaw Pet Tool:

    This special tool that comes with the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum improves the cleaning performance. The reason is that you can use the tool to tackle stubborn dirt and pet hair on your upholstery and stairs.

    Turboclaw Pet Hair Tool - Review of Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum (Model number UD70355B)
    Moreover, The interesting thing when using this tool is that you will not have to apply so much effort to achieve an exceptional result.

  • Multi-Floor Cleaning Performance: 

    Another feature of the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum that enhances its multi-floor cleaning performance is the powerful Spin4Pro Premium Pet Brushroll.

    MultiFloor Cleaning Performance of Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Cleaner
    Moreover, You can use the specially designed and optimized Brushroll for effectively cleaning and removing pet hair from both carpets and hard floors. Yeah, this is the reason it has occupied a stand in our nomination for some of top notch pet vacuums for hard floor surfaces.

  • Lightweight: 

    For people fancying low weight appliances, there’s a good new for you in this Dirt Devil Razor pet vacuum review.

    Yeah, The Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum has lightweight of 12 pounds, a feature that makes it easy to handle and use.
    Moreover, You can conveniently carry the vacuum cleaner to any location in your home for cleaning task. More so, when cleaning a room with obstacles, the lightweight will aid maneuvering around those obstacles with little effort.

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What Makes Few People Don’t Trust On This Pet Hair Vacuum?

Providing completely non-biased reviews has been our tradition. And, hence we’ll hold our habit for this Dirt Devil Razor pet vacuum review as well.

Here are some notes that our team members or our readers have reported as a fallback by this model by Dirt Devil.

  • One thing some people have complained about the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum is the dirt cup capacity. Although it has a 1.5L dirt cup capacity, some users with very large homes feel it is not enough. However, this dirt retaining capacity is quite okay for pet owners,as they will not have to deal with so much dirt.
  • Another thing that makes people not to trust the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum is the noisy suction. Some people have complained that they cannot tolerate the noise. Well, this is only an issue for you if you have an ear that is irritated easily with noise. Also, you have to understand that all vacuums generate some amount of noise due to its working mechanism.

Pros & Cons Of Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Pet Vacuum

  • Highly Durable Body Build Up.
  • Emptying the dirt can is pretty easy.
  • Excellent filtration system.
  • Reliable Cleaning experience.
  • Enhanced cleaning performance.
  • User friendly controls.
  • It is versatile though not as much as some other vacuums.
  • Excellency at its best when it comes to pet hair picking rates.
  • Consist of extra accessories.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is affordable.
  • The cable may not be long enough for users with large homes or cleaning area.
  • Replacement filter not easily available though the filter is easily maintainable.

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What Makes It A Most Reliable And Trusted Product When It Comes To Cleaning Pet Hair?

  • The powerful no loss suction of the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum makes it one of the most reliable and trusted vacuum for cleaning pet hair.
    Extremely Powerfull Suction - Dirt Devil UD70355B Upright vacuum review
    Yeah, The reason is that not only will you get a very powerful suction for maximum pet hair pick up, but also, such suction power will not be lost due to the presence of an efficient filtration system.
  • Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum comes with easy and cost-effective maintenance, which makes it a reliable option for cleaning pet hair.
    Endora filter of Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B Upright Hair Vacuum Cleaner Review
    Moreover, The very efficient Endora filter that comes with the vacuum is one feature that makes the maintenance of this pet vac easy and cost-effective. The reason is that you can access, rinse, and dry the reusable filter easily.

Who Should Buy This Vacuum For Getting Rid Of Their Pet’s Hair?

  • Most vacuums are very efficient for cleaning pet hair in your home but leave out that pet hair under your furniture. If you need a vacuum that can get rid of pet hair in areas like this, you might consider getting the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum. Its low profile design makes it easy to reach dirt deposited under furniture.
  • If you also need a vacuum that will work continue working for a long time without clogging, the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum might be suitable for you. The advanced 3-stage filtration system keeps it running better for a long time.

What Are Best Alternative To This Pet Vacuum?

Our Verdict

After using the Dirt Devil Razor UD70355B vacuum; we have proven it to have a good cleaning performance. But, that is not all; it has a very powerful design and exceptional features which make it suitable for pet homes.

Although it has little issues like having a relatively short cable, it is very effective and adequate for pet owners whose main goal is cleaning pet hair from their home.

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