Eureka Mighty Mite Review – Model 3670G Reviewed In Detail

Last updated on October 1st, 2019 at 09:28 am

We all love our pets for different reasons except one; yeah, majority of us will say that they love it when they go through shedding process.

Well, if you’ve a right prop to help you out with in keeping job of cleaning on track then you won’t have too much to worry about it.

Yeah, in this Eureka Mighty Mite Review, we’ll provide you with all utility advantages along with few drawbacks of model number 3670G.

Our aim behind doing so is nothing but to provide our readers with a completely unbiased review of this pet vacuum cleaner; so that you could make a non-regrettable and firm decision.

So, now, without wasting our time, let’s move towards the detailed review of eureka mighty mite 3670G Canister Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

Review Of Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Pet Vacuum

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review - Check Pricing & Details Here

In this Eureka Mighty Mite Review for 3670G Pet Vacuum Cleaner which is one of the most recommended canister pet vacuums.

Yeah, there are several reasons behind its consideration on some of the best canister vacuums for cleaning pet hair; this review is dedicated on the same part.

If you want all the information about this product in a nutshell then sorry but it’s not possible because there’s a lot to explain in this product.

So, we recommend our readers to go through entire review where we’ve also shared some of its existing user’s opinions as well; which could help you in understanding how this product could help in your home making journey.

Moreover, as nothing is perfect in this world, there are some fallbacks in this product as well. Yeah, we’ll talk about that too later in this Eureka Mighty Mite Review.

Before moving to anything else, let’s take a look over its technical features and specifications for getting an idea about the product.

Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer : Midea
  • Model Number : 3670G
  • Dimensions : 9 x 17.5 x 11.6 inches
  • Item Weight : 9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight : 04 pounds
  • Power Rating : 12 amps
  • Cord Length : 20 feet
  • Hose Length : N/A
  • Swivel Head : Yes
  • Cleaning System : Cyclonic
  • Cleaning Path Width : 10 inches
  • Filter Type : Washable filter
  • Dirt Cup Capacity : N/A (Bag)
  • Surface : Multi-surface
  • Warranty : 1 year

Features : Eureka Mighty Mite Review

  • Strong Suction:

    Suction power is a very important feature pet owners look out for when picking a vacuum cleaner for their home.

    Basically, The common practice is to select a vacuum with a high suction that could helpyou in remove pet hair from your floor easily and with less effort.

    Yeah, with help of 12-amp motor in it, eureka mighty mite could provide best possible cleaning results among rest of the canister vacs on the market.

    Also, Considering this, the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is most likely the best fit because it comes with very strong suction.

  • Two In One Functioning:

    Yeah, unlike rest of the canister vacuums on the market nowadays, this one act as a two in one cleaning appliance.

    Yes! You could turn this vacuum into a blower with utmost ease. Just, detach the hose attached on the front side of vacuum and attach it on the back side of vacuum where a separate blower port has been provided by the manufacturer.

    Two in one functioning - Mighty Mite 3670G Review From Eureka

    This feature is handy for blowing out large particles such as leafs, papers and rest of the things for which we usually buy a separate blower.

  • Ergonomic Design:

    One desirable feature in a vacuum is an ergonomic design. Luckily, the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is designed that way, thus making it easy for you to handle it. The vacuum cleaner fits into the hand easily, aiding its usability.


    Lightweight & Ergonomic Design - Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review of 2019-20
    Yeah, You can easily use it to clean pet hair without stress
    . The easy-to-use fingertips controls are present on the Power-Touch handle of the vacuum.

    Moreover, it’s pretty light in weight so pick up won’t be a lot tiresome like other heavy vacs.

  • Longer Reach:

    Well, longer reach doesn’t mean that it should allow you to clean ceiling as well but it means it should let you clean your entire house floor to top with least efforts.

    Yeah, we’re glad to state it in this Eureka Mighty Mite Review that it features 20ft long cord which could let you clean your whole floor with a single electrical outlet.
    20ft Long Hose - Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review

    Also, an extension wand is the part of supplied accessories and hence you could clean your ceilings without any additional hassle.

  • Easy Storage:

    If you have a small and medium home, space might be a major problem for you. Having a vacuum that will occupy so much space for storage might not be the best for you.

    There is good news; you can easily get the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner because it comes with a compact design that makes its storage a lot easier. Aside from the ease in storage, it occupies a little space.

  • Hygienic Usage:

    You can use the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner in a healthy way. Usually, the process of emptying most dirt cups of vacuums is messy and non-hygienic. However, this is not the case with this Eureka mighty 3670G vacuum cleaner because it comes with a dirt bag release button from where you could detach the dirt bag and empty it in your dustbin.
    Easy Empty Dust Bag - Review of Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G
    Also, filter maintenance is key for indoor cleaning tasks and you might require to clean off the filter accordingly.

  • More Than Enough Accessories & Tools:

    Well, while majority of canister vacs are priced too heavily and on other hand they ask you to buy additional accessories separately, in this canister vacuum for pet hair the case is entirely opposite.


    Eureka Mighty Mite Review - Model 3670G Accessories
    Yeah, in the box you’ll get almost all essential tools and accessories once need to have a cleaner pet friendly home.

    Their is multiple type of brushes, a crevice tool, extension wand, and a user manual for guidance purpose where everything regarding its usage has been elaborated perfectly.

What Makes Few People Don’t Trust On This Pet Hair Vacuum?

As we stated in the beginning of this Eureka Mighty Mite Review, this review is supposed to be a completely non-biased explanation about this canister pet vacuum. And, here are those two things that neither we nor some of its existing users liked about it.

  • One minor issue some users have complained about the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is the noise which many considered to be loud. Many of these users do not trust the vacuum for this reason.However, this is not so much of a problem except to people who are easily irritated by a loud sound. More so, almost every vacuum cleaner out there makes different degrees of noise because the working mechanism produces noise but in this one it could be a bit higher than your expectation.
  • Another reason why some users distrust this Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is that it may not be the most suitable for picking up deeply embedded pet hair or dirt.Yeah, They reported that it gives them trouble when they use it on a thick pile carpet. This issue is one area that the manufacturer might look into in upcoming version. However, the performance on other floor types is amazing.Moreover, sometime its performance downgrades when some fine particles come across its cleaning path. Yeah, airflow is compromised a bit on such occasions and it could be a fallback for some pet owners.

Pros & Cons : Eureka Mighty Mite Review

  • Cheaply affordable compared to other canister pet vacs.
  • User friendly operations.
  • Light weight & compact design makes it possible to maneuver easily and storage hassle-free.
  • Dirt bags are easily accessible and disposable.
  • 20 ft. long power cord entice the ease of single plug operation.
  • The extension wands can be attached and detached at will.
  • It has a relatively wide cleaning path.
  • Easily convertible to a blower.
  • Triple filtration system.
  • Easy transitioning between floors and carpet.
  • Good cleaning performance.
  • Customer oriented support.
  • Long warranty term.
  • No automatic cord rewind.
  • Cleaning performance may reduce with floor type.

What Makes It A Most Reliable And Trusted Product When It Comes To Cleaning Pet Hair?

Here are the two things that we liked most about it and we thought to let you know with this Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review.

Check it out!

  • One of the main reasons why the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is one of the most reliable and trusted among pet owners is the great suction. Many users say that its suction supplied by the 12-amp motor is strong enough to pick up any pet hair, leaving their home cleaner than ever.
    Eureka mighty mite is also most efficient product in this price segment when it comes to picking up pet’s fallen hair in the home.
  • Another good reason we think to mention in this Eureka Mighty Mite Review is, its longer reach.
    Yeah, with 20ft cord and an additional extension wand it’s easy to clean some of the hard to reach areas with utmost efficiency. This feature adds an advantage of easy cleaning of ceiling, under the furniture surfaces and corners and edges.

User Stories – What They Have To Say About It?

We approached several existing users of Eureka mighty mite for their review or opinion regarding this product and here’s what they said for it.

Jenna from California :- Well, for me, budget was a major concern and i didn’t wanted to go for too pricey product as all i wanted it for was to clean my cherry’s fallen hair. So yeah, I bought it after a friend’s recommendation and by far there’s nothing that i didn’t liked about it except its noise. And that too because my cherry is afraid of too much noisy products.

Karen from New York :- Yes! I’m using it since almost a year or may be more than that. Till date, I’ve not faced any major problem in its working and i’m so far happy user of this economic vacuum.

Who Should Buy This Vacuum For Getting Rid Of Their Pet’s Hair?

Now, if we talk about its “best fit for” people in this Eureka Mighty Mite Review then following type of people would be potential users of this Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

Check this out! Who knows if you’re the one among them?

  • Every pet owner can use this Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum to clean pet hair from their home. However, it is specially designed for pet owners who are in need of an extremely lightweight vacuum cleaner, which can be push or moved around easily. Usually, such a lightweight vacuum cleaner is easy to handle and use.
  • Given that the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner does not come with headlight, it might not be able to illuminate dark areas. So, the vacuum cleaner is the best fit for people who have enough illumination in their homes, and will not be having any need to clean a dark corner. Thus without enough illumination can still use it though, but they will be prepared to provide partial illumination for such dark areas in their home.

What Are Best Alternative To This Pet Vacuum?

  • Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Vacuum Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner has several features, which are comparable to the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner. However, the former is considered a better alternative to later because the former has a longer power cord and lighter weight. It means that it can be used to clean a much larger area with ease.
  • Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292): If you are looking for a handheld vacuum that never loses suction, this vacuum cleaner is best for you. It comes with an extremely lightweight of 3.7 pounds and can be used for any surface. The features stated already make it a better alternative than the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, it is important to state that there are areas that the Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner is better than the former.

Our Verdict

As this review of eureka mighty mite 3670G was completely non-biased from our end, and we tried our best to deliver negative and positives to our readers; now it should be easy for you to make a move.

However, if you’re still confused then don’t worry, here’s our verdict on Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Canister vacuum.

Well, Considering the features of the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner, it will be most suitable for pet owners who have a small or medium home. It has maximum performance when used on hard surfaces due to the presence of a powerful 12-amp motor.

However, The cleaning performance on carpets is reduced due to the absence of motorized brush so you might have to deal with it if you’re expecting such powerful performance at this price range.

But, If you’re on a hunt for a versatile vacuum cleaner, then you will most likely have to go with this one.

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