Eureka PowerSpeed Review – A Closer Look At NEU202 Model

Last updated on October 1st, 2019 at 09:29 am

If you have a pet in your home, you most likely will have trouble cleaning pet hair, especially when you have a furry pet.

In this Eureka Powerspeed Review, you’ll get all the elemental detail of one of the vacuum cleaner from the brand Eureka. Well, people are calling it as a pet vacuum but what’s reality that could only be checked with a closer look.

So, let’s start with this Eureka Powerspeed Review where we’ve decided to unwrap all myths and facts about model number NEU202 in their powerspeed series.

Also, as it’s our tradition to serve a completely unbiased reviews of each of the product, we’ll go that way only so that you could make a worthwhile choice instead of ending up on something that’s just not a perfect fit for you.

So, now, without wasting our time, let’s move towards Eureka NEU202 Powerspeed Pet Review.

Eureka Powerspeed Review – Model No. NEU202

Eureka Mighty NEU202 Upright Pet Vacuum Review

As, stated earlier in the introduction part of this Eureka Powerspeed Pet Vacuum Review, it’s going to be an unbiased review where all plus and minus will be showcased in the details.

But, before we move forward, we’d like you to have a closer look at the technical detailing of Eureka NEU202 Powerspeed Pet Vacuum.

Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer : Eureka
  • Model Number : NEU202
  • Dimensions : 8 x 13.4 x 44.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight : 9 pounds
  • Motor Rating : 8 amps.
  • Cord Length : 25 feet
  • Hose Length : 8 feet
  • Swivel Head : No
  • Battery : No battery
  • Filter Type : HEPA filter
  • Cleaning Path : 6 inches
  • Cleaning Reach : 10 feet
  • Dirt Cup Capacity : 8 liters
  • Surface : Multi-surface
  • Warranty : 5 year

Features : Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum Review

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning:

    The Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner is capable enough of cleaning pet hair on multiple surfaces.

    So, yeah, their is no barrier when it comes to surface type. It just doesn’t matter whether you’re having a hardwood flooring in your home or you’re having flat vitrified surface, it suits all type of surfaces and that’s the first good part of eureka powerspeed vacuum.


    Multi Surface Cleaning - Review of Eureka NEU202 Bagless Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

    Also, a separate surface type selection controlling unit is featured, so that, users could select their preffered surface type.

    Yeah, The floor selection capability makes it easy for you to use the vacuum cleaner for different surfaces. You can easily select the type of floor using the five (5)-floor selection dial.

  • LED Headlights:

    Moeover, There are LED lights on the suction head of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner. These lights make it easy for you to clean the dark corners of your home.

    LED Lights - Eureka Upright Pet Vacuum Review (Model NEU202)
    Yeah, With the LED lights, you can illuminate the dark corners and clean pet hair, ensuring you have a cleaner home.

    This feature comes handy when you’re having so many hiding places for small dirt particles such as pet hairs, or soil elements.

  • Washable Filter:

    The cost of maintenance is usually one thing to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. It is always good to buy one that has a low cost of maintenance.

    And, you’d be glad to know the Eureka NEU202 Powerspeed pet vacuum comes with washable filters.

    Yeah, you could just take the filters out, wash it, and mount it on its place. Also, this way it helps in saving some cost on replacement of filters every once in a while.

  • Extended Cleaning Reach:

    The extended cleaning reach of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner is one feature that makes it stand out among other upright pet hair vacuums.

    Extended Cleaning Reach - Eureka NEU202 Review
    Also, The reason it has such large cleaning reach is that apart from the 10-foot cleaning reach, it has an 8-foot hose for extending the reach, which is an added advantage in eureka powerspeed pet.

    Moreover, many people inquired that upon extending its reach whether it loses a part of its suction or what? Well, we’ve verified facts from around dozens of people and they’ve confirmed that even after extension its suction remains the same.

  • Extra Large Dirt Cup:

    The extra large dirt cup capacity of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner is one reason why it is highly sought for by pet owners.

    Yeah, With a 3.8-liter dirt capacity, no doubt, you can use it to clean any home without having to make several trips to the dirt bin to empty the bag. This ability of eureka powerspeed vacuum saves you time and effort.

  • Easy and Hygienic Maintenance:

    Another thing that we’d like to mention in this Eureka Powerspeed Reviews is, its User friendly and economic maintanance.

    Easy Maintanance - Eureka NEU202 Pet Review
    So yeah, You do not have to expend so much energy to empty the dirt cup; all you have to do is press the dirt release button. The whole process is not messy at all, making it very hygienic.

    Moreover, its requirement concerning part replacements and maintenance is also pretty low as mentioned earlier in this Eureka Powerspeed pet review.

  • Adjustable Heights:

    Considering the fact that different people tend to use the vacuum cleaner in a home, it is important to be able to adjust the height.

    Adjustable Height Settings in Eureka NEU202 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Review & Considerations
    Well, adjusting the height is important for different floor height. Luckily, the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner comes with the capability for you to adjust the height.

    This is also an added advantage that’s not being observed in many competing products on the market.

  • Long Power Cord:

    One other feature of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner that makes it stand out among most upright vacuums is the 25-foot power cord.

    The cord is long enough to enable you to use it to clean pet hair from large areas without much restriction.

    Also, you might have come across a recommendation from many people that instead of investing on a short cord vac just invest a bit more in a longer corded vacuum, it just don’t provide additional freedom but it also help a lot in saving your time.
    Cord Rewind System - Eureka NEU202 Model Reviews
    Also, cord rewinding feature is present on the product itself and will help you in having a hasslefree pet hair cleaning experience.

    Yeah, it’s the foremost recommendation from experts to consider having a long power cord in an ideal pet vacuum.

  • Powerful Suction:

    The powerful suction of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner makes it possible to clean even deeply seated dirt and tiny pet hair from carpets. The 8-ampere motor supply enough power need to pick up hair from all floors and surfaces. It might be important to reduce the suction for some delicate surfaces, though.

What Makes Few People Don’t Trust On This Pet Hair Vacuum?

As we aimed to serve you a completely unbiased Eureka Powerspeed Review, here are the few things that people said they didn’t liked about it.

  • Some users of the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner distrust it because of the noise level. They complain that the high pitch sound is irritating. However, we have used the vacuum cleaner, and from our observation, the noise is normal for anyone who is not easily irritated by a loud noise.
  • Few users complain that the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cannot remove pet hair from under all types of furniture. The reason is that the design is not meant for furniture with a low height clearance.

Pros & Cons : Eureka PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum Review (NEU202)

  • Scientific make and design.
  • It has a lightweight of about 12.3 pounds.
  • Wide suction head for extra cleaning range.
  • Added advantages of maneuverability and user friendliness.
  • Ability to help in cleaning on various surface types.
  • Long cord for freedom of use among multiple rooms.
  • Height adjustment capability with 5 different heights.
  • Effective cleaning of pet hair from house, edges and corners as well.
  • Efficient filtration.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy floor transition.
  • Compact design.
  • It comprise of too much plastic.
  • Canister is not detachable.

What Makes It A Most Reliable And Trusted Product When It Comes To Cleaning Pet Hair?

Now, if we look at some of the most elemental and unique abilities of it in this Eureka Powerspeed Reviews then here are few things that we liked the most about it.

  • Well, firstly, The Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner is considered reliable and trusted because it comes with an automatic rewind cord feature. This kind of cord it has makes its storage easy since you do not have to go through the stress of retracting the cord manually. To retract the power cable, all you have to do is press the retract button.Also, length of cord is most than enough for a mid to large sized houses with pets in it.
  • Another reason why the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum clean is good enough to serve you is that it comes with different extra accessories. According to most users of the vacuum cleaner, the extra tools, which are stored onboard, make it possible to clean pet hair from upholstery and other delicate surfaces.Well, we don’t often recommend our readers to go for something because it comes with something for free. Yeah, that’s not the right way to choose a product for solving one of your most elemental and routine problem.But, even if you’ll look at any of the feature then you’ll realize that it just don’t lack anything.

Who Should Buy This Vacuum For Getting Rid Of Their Pet’s Hair?

In this section of Eureka Powerspeed Review, we’d like to mention potential audience and compatibility for this product, so that you could check whether you’re the one among our suggested users or not? And, could make your choice freely.

  • Although the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner is a great product that all pet owners can use for pet hair, it is most suitable for those who clean their homes on a daily basis. The reason is that such pet owners will most likely need a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight so that they can easily carry it around while cleaning.Moreover, its maintenance cost is also pretty low which is great thing when you’re going to use it regularly.
  • Another set of pet owners that should consider buying the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner are those who have a very tight budget. The reason is that the vacuum cleaner comes at a reasonably affordable price.Yeah, it’s not just cost effective in longer run, but it is also economic to afford for anyone looking for a good upright pet vacuum in short budget range.

What Are Best Alternative To This Pet Vacuum?

Well, after reading this Eureka Powerspeed Review, you’re feeling like it’s not just a perfect fit your your requirements then here are two close alternative to this vacuum cleaner which are priced almost same yet having some good abilities to serve you with.

  • Eureka NEU100 Upright Vacuum Cleaner: This vacuum cleaner is a better alternative for cleaning pet hair than the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner because of several features. Apart from the ultra lightweight of 7.7 pounds, it comes with a compact design and quick release handle for above floor cleaning.
  • Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum Cleaner: The extra-large dirt cup that comes with this vacuum cleaner makes it a better alternative to the Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Pet Vacuum cleaner, especially for pet owners in medium or large homes. In addition to the 4.1 L dirt capacity, the vacuum cleaner has a solid metal handle, lightweight, and a quick release handle for above floor cleaning.

Our Verdict

As mentioned in the beginning of this Eureka Powerspeed Review, it was supposed to be a completely unbiased reviews as it’s our tradition and we’re bound to serve you that way.

We don’t think even after looking at all the dark and bright sides of this Eureka NEU202 Pet vacuum you’ll need our opinion on the same.

But, still many readers like to have a helping hand in making a final choice and for those readers all we’d like to say is; The Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed is a very powerful upright vacuum cleaner that one can use not only for cleaning pet hair but for all sort of cleaning requirements.

Also, It has several essential features, such as automatic cord rewind, LED headlights, transparent brush roll view, and pet tools. And, looking at all this brights sides one can consider buying this vacuum cleaner.

Yeah, it is ideal choice for all those who’re expecting worry and hasslefree cleaning experience at lower price range as initial investment. Also, this is effective for all sort of cleaning purposes so depending on your requirements you could make a final call.

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