How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair On Clothes – Quick Tips That Works!

Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 01:34 pm

It can be irritating to pick up a cloth to wear for an event only to spot your dog’s fur on it.

While this can be embarrassing, you may find it hard to remove the hair. Most times, pet owners, especially those that allow their pets to have access in the inner part of the home (almost all of us), are often at the risk of encountering dog hair on their clothes.

Yeah, In such a situation, you would love to get rid of it as soon as you can.

Also, If you have encountered such or want information to help you to remove dog hair from your clothes whenever it happens, this article provides a concise approach to do so.

Well, Before we talk about the procedures to remove dog hair on clothes, we would like to look at the factors that could cause loose hair on your dog.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair On Clothes?

Well, before proceeding further, we believe that we should understand the root cause first. What happens sometime is we could solve problem by identifying root cause but we run for other solutions.

So, let’s first understand that, why does you dog/cat shed their hair?

Why Does My Dog Shed Hair?

The first thing you should consider is the reasons behind the constant or shedding of hair by your dog. Many factors could be a reason, and this is why you need to understand them. One of the major factors is hair loss in dogs (Alopecia). In such a situation, your pet does not have control over its hair but will continue to shed it.

Second, the weather condition also has a role to play. For instance, researches prove that dogs tend to shed hair twice each year. This occurs in spring and in Autumn.

The third reason behind shedding of hair by dogs is the hair growth cycle. Usually, pets have different patterns of hair growth, such as the

  • The Catagen Phase
  • The Anagen Phase
  • The Exogen Phase
  • The Telogen Phase.

How Do I Remove Dog Hair From My Clothes?

Now that we have identified major reasons that trigger hair loss or incessant shedding of hair in dogs, it’s imperative to discover viable ways of getting rid of the fur. Note that the processes we listed here are not automatic. You need to have an eye for details to keep up with them. Also, it’s important to keep at it religiously until the hair gets off your clothing.

Now, let’s look at the different processes of getting rid of dog hair on your clothing. However, few things might seem irrelevant to remove pet hair from clothes. But, those are the way to prevent pet hair on you clothes. 

Yeah, if you solve lower level issue, it means you’re preventing top level issue at very beginning.

  1. Use A Dryer

Dryer For Dog Hair - Simple Way To Clean Gog Hair

The rule of the thumb is to make use of a dryer if the cloth in view is washable. All there is to do is placing the cloth in a dryer and allowing it to run for some minutes before washing. At the end of the washing, the loosened hair will find its way into the filter of the dryer. Your cloth is now free of dog fur but there’s something else to do. That is cleaning the filter to get rid of the fur that is likely to cling on it.

  1. Do Away With Fabrics That Have Texture

Fabric Texture For Dog Hair - Remove Dog Hair From Clothes-Easiest Way

We all love our homes to look great. One of the ways to achieve this is getting fabrics with texture to coat our furniture. This is a nice idea but the experience can turn sour if there’s a dog within the home. Fabrics in this category include loopy wools, cotton, and corduroy.

The idea here is to do away with any fabric with texture. You can also avoid synthetic fibers/unprocessed fibers because these are prone to attract dog hair. Once the pet sits or reclines on the fabric, there’s a higher tendency of extracting some fur from the dog.

  1. Brush Your Pet’s Fur

Brush For Dog Fur - Remove Dog Hair With Brush

Most pet owners are quick to seek external solutions to get rid of dog hair without realizing that the solutions lie within the pet. The third step to take off dog hair from clothes is by brushing your pet’s fur.

The reason is – if you brush the hair of your dog, chances are high that loosened furs will come off while combing. It’s also important to do this because it helps to distribute healthy oils throughout the pet’s hair.

  1. Regular Grooming

Grooming a Dog - Remove Dog Hair With Grooming

When was the last time your dog had a good wash? It might interest you to know that regular grooming cuts down the incidences of hair shedding. Get started by washing the dog’s hair with the right shampoo and applying conditioners to keep the skin/fur smooth.

  1. Use A Vacuum

Neato D3 dust-eater and charging station

Most times, the fur doesn’t only drop on clothes but also extends to furniture in the home. When this becomes rampant, you may want to use a vacuum to get rid of dog hair on your upholstery and sofa. At the end of this, remember to apply an anti-static spray to prevent future occurrence.

  1. Gather Dog Hair With A Damp Duster

Dog Hair Mop - Easier Way To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes -

This process is simple and could be all you need to facilitate a timely removal of pet hair. Remember that water has the capacity to remove fur. With a damp duster or mop, all there is to do is rolling the mop over the surface the pet hair dropped.

  1. A Good Diet Is Recommended

Do you notice when your pet is hungry? Sure you do! However, it takes more than regular feeding to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Most dogs lack Omega 3, which is one of the reasons why they drop furs anywhere they go.

The rule of the thumb to solve this problem is to treat your pet to a good diet that has a higher concentration of Omega 3. That way, it would be healthier and will reduce hair shedding.

  1. Use Damp Rubber Gloves

Rubber Glove For Pet Hair - How To Remove Hair From Clothes After Cutting

Just like the use of damp duster/mop in tip #6, you may want to use damp rubber gloves to get rid of dog hair on your cloth/fabric. To achieve this, you need to rub the gloves over the surface of the fabric.

  1. A Balloon Can Do The Magic

Balloon For Pet Hair - How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes

When it comes to loosened pet hair, some little items can be the secret to remove them immediately. When was the last time you hosted a party? It’s time to get those spare balloons to work!

Balloons play a good role in the removal of dog hair on clothes and other fabrics. Generally, balloons have static magnetic force, which make it possible to attract pet hair. The idea is to roll it over the surface containing pet hair. You’ll be amazed at the easy removal of dog hair when you do this.

  1. Sprinkle Vinegar On The Cloth

Sprinkle Vinegar - Simplest Wat To Remove Dog Hair

Who would have believed that vinegar can be an option for removing dog hair? Well, it is! Clothes have static and vinegar does the same. When these two meet, the effect is that pet hair will be removed without hassles.

The next time you wash your cloth or take it to the cleaner’s, ensure that some drops of vinegar are inserted into the wash. That way, there will be a reduction in the static on your cloth, thereby, making it less prone to attract pet hair.

Quick Tips To Prevent Dog Hair On Clothes

Although having pet hair hanging on your cloth could be irritating, you need to play your part to prevent it in the first place. Some of the things you need to do are:

  • Grooming your dog by giving it a good wash and brushing/combing the hair.
  • Feed your dog on meals with a high concentration of 6 fatty acids and Omega-3. Such as some fish oils are great source of this nutrition.
  • Discipline your dog to do the right things. This could be teaching it not to jump on you and restricting its movement to the bedroom.
  • Always go for pet-friendly clothes and fabrics that would not attract pet hair.

Get Rid Of Dog Hair With Ease

There isn’t much work when it comes to removing dog hair from clothes and fabrics. With the tips discussed above, you would find it easier to get rid of the irritating fur without hassles. Besides, look after your dog and keep it nourished. We wish you luck now that you’re about to begin the process of getting rid of dog hair on your clothes/fabrics.

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