How To Remove Dog Hair From Couch? ~ Awesome Tips For Pet Owners!

Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 01:35 pm

Finding the best way to remove dog hairs from the couch has been a continual struggle for many pet owners.

No doubt about it, you love their wagging tails, their licks on your chicks and those long stares that come from their puppy eyes.

This is why they are a vital part of the family, but their loosen hair trolling all over your apartment especially on your couch could be less than appealing.

For many dogs, the couch is just another comfy bed, and it matters not if your dog has a long or short hair, is big or small, the bottom line is that they all shed.

However, the good news is that you can keep your couch free from dog hairs; even after your dogs has had a swell time on it. And, that’s the reason, we’ve answered all your questions regarding “How to remove dog hair from couch”. Yeah, that too in very detailed way possible.

Moreover, to do it, you won’t need any additional equipment and majority of our tips are based on using household stuff to remove pet hair from couch.

Shedding hairs from dogs are somewhat seasonal hazards to your couch. If you’ve probably lost your couch in the past to layers of dog hairs, no worries because with just an extra bit of work, you might reclaim it.

But of course, those mounds of strands are bound to return if you do not train your dogs to stay off the couch.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the root cause behind hair shedding. So, let’s understand the phenomenon first.

Why Do Dogs Shed Off Hairs?

It is essential to understand why dogs shed off their hairs so that you could control their movement in the apartment. For many dog breeds, Shedding of hairs is a normal thing, and it’s also part of the natural life cycle of their hairs. Depending on the season, you might find out that your dog hair shedding is more or less than usual. This is sole because as their strands become older or damaged, it falls off, making room for new hair to grow in.

If your dog sheds more hair more than its necessary, you might want to pay attention to that, because the following can cause excessive shedding of hairs from dogs

  • Infection
  • Allergy
  • Parasites
  • Certain Diseases

Below are some few tips for removing dog hairs from the couch that will be of benefit to you;

  • Vacuum Cleaner:


    Dog Hair Vacuum - how to remove dog hair from couchMaking use of a vacuum attachment is a perfect way to get rid of the dog hairs embedded in your couch. The suction of the vacuum will get rid of the loose strands, and at the same time, it will loosen hairs that are stuck into your couch. What you’d have to do is to vacuum the affected areas repeatedly until no more hair is coming out. If you do this, regularly twice in a week, for a month, your couch will look good as new.

    Also, there are some vacuum cleaners available on the market that are designed specifically for pet hairs. You might like to check our reviews on best vacuum cleaners for pet hair on the market.

    Yeah, this reviews are curated by our expert team and they’ve taken utmost care in filtering out it based on budget, type, ease of use and so on. Also, handheld vacuum are good choice for pet hair issues.

  • Damp Clothing:


    Damp Clothes For Pet Hair - How To Remove Dog Hair From CouchAnother tip is to make use of a soft damp cloth to help remove the hairs from your couch; the fabric should be just moist, meaning that when it is squeezed, no water should come out. What you’d do here is to use the damp cloth to wipe affected areas repeatedly to get the best result.

  • Rubber Glove:


    Rubber Glove For Pet Hair - Simple answer to how to remove pet hair from couchUse a textured rubber glove, when you put this on, you’d rub your hands up and down the couch to remove the hairs, after wiping with the damp clothing. At this point, the hairs should be able to clump for smooth removal. You should also remember that for best result, you’d have to wet the glove to help remove long, stubborn or tangled hair. Rinse the mitt to remove clinging fur. Then use the vacuum to pick up any of the remaining hair from the couch.

  • Tape:


    Tape Roll For Pet Hair - Easiest Way To Clean Dog HairFor an occasional or rapid and effective method for hair removal, use a tape roller or lint brush to remove hair.

  • Sponge:


    Pet Hair Sponge You could also make use of a slightly wet sponge to remove dog hairs from the couch.

In conclusion, there are some few things you might want to do to minimize excessive hair shedding from your pet, they are:

  • More frequent baths for your dogs will save you the stress of cleaning up your couch all the time.
  • You can adjust your dog’s diet to reduce excessive shedding.
  • You may have to lower the stress level for your dog

If shedding irritates you, there are some dog breeds out there that shed significantly lesser than most dogs do, even though that almost every dog shed hairs. Yeah, having a less shedder dog breed is great alternative instead of finding tips about how to remove pet hair from couch.

The following dog breeds shed significantly less amount of hairs than the popular breeds of dogs

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